A Thank You Letter to Miami

New BeginningsIn August 2006 my best friend and I stuffed my car with clothes and made the fifteen-hour drive to Miami. For the first week (hell, the first year), I was scared to drive in Miami, to make that fear-inducing left turn from 27th Ave onto US1.

Eight years later and I’m honking and running yellow lights with the best of ‘em (don’t tell my Dad). Exactly eight years later, my car is packed again and I’m heading home.

The thing is, home has a different meaning to me now. Virginia is my home, where my family and many friends are, where I was born and raised, where I want to raise my children. But Miami is also my home.

Miami is the second place I grew up. Not where I learned to swim or ride a bike, or attended high school (although I can tick off all of the names of the schools here and probably know someone you went to school with, bro). But in Miami, I grew up.

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Dime Peace

Yesterday I woke up in not-the-best mood. I have some things I’m thinking through and I just felt off. God knew, though, and of course, He was looking out.

During my training session (starting to ease back into things after a hip injury), Zach, who is my awesome trainer and motivator, walked out of the room we were training in while I was mid-squat (or halfway squat…easing slowly). When he came back in, he handed me a piece of paper and told me to read it (while doing wall squats, of course).

I read. Who is a Dime Peace? was the title. So, who is she?

“She is a woman that is strong, intelligent, fun, self-motivated and has a great sense of humor; ideally an amazing human being. You are hip in your own way, but not controlled by social trends and surrounding pressures. You are not afraid to make the impossible possible with your body as well as your mind.”





PEACE- Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation.

I asked Zach if I could have a copy, and then he let me in on the secret. The Dime Peace Project is a special project, created by Zach and his partner Alex, and it’s exclusive  to certain women in the gym that they hand picked (http://synergizerevolution.com/ check them out- they seriously rock).

And he asked me to be a part of it. What an honor, man. That right there lifted me out of my funk. Right after my training was the first seminar, and Zach, Alex and two other rockstar speakers talked to about 9 of us girls about fear. Each girl had to introduce herself by saying her biggest fear. Mine? I guess I’ll get it out there- not being all that I know I am. All of the fears the other girls said have run through my head before, and it was an a-ha moment… we all have fears, and we are all stronger than we think.

They talked about how you have to admit your fear and take action. Allow the flow of life and stop being so controlling- which, funnily enough, are things that I am working on with myself (and okay, my therapist) right now.

It’s like I was meant to be there… and I was. God, and Zach and Alex and Dana, are all looking out for me. Soon, the girls in the group will be too. Add on to that my amazing friends and family, and I am one seriously blessed girl.

My take from the seminar, and from the serendipity that led me there, is that we all have fear. It’s just how you choose to handle it. And I’m going to take a lesson from the guys and rather than running from my fears, I’m going to recognize them, embrace them, and attack them.