It’s My Birthday and I am Grateful

This morning while working out (this in itself is a small miracle), I came across this gem. Isaac, I don’t know you but, as it’s my birthday, I decided to read about why you’re grateful on your birthday. And you inspired me.

As I was on the elliptical, feeling healthy and very blessed, with calls coming in starting as early as 6:45 am (and yes, Dad, I was really awake) and so much love in my life, I read your call for gratitude, and I’m in.

Today I am 31. Years ago that number would have freaked me out. Now I’m  actually more than okay with it (admittedly, most days I am). I have the most amazing life right now. I am grateful for so many things, and these include (but are not limited to!):

My kind, loving, supportive, strong and extremely good looking boyfriend. I am grateful for everything about you and our life together.

My father who called to sing at 6:45 this morning, and his girlfriend who always “helps” him pick out thoughtful gifts. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you as my Diddy.

My mama. For being there through everything, and I do mean everything, I am so grateful for you in every way. You are my mother, and also my best friend.

My nana, who is a shining example of how to live your life. Graceful and beautiful inside and out, she has shown me the way to live while being my best buddy.

My brother, who, for 30 years of my life hasn’t gotten me a gift, sent me a gift card. Who would have thought… I love you kiddo.

My friends. Honestly, there aren’t enough words in the world to fully express my gratitude for my friends.  You are my cheerleaders, my therapists, my inspirations, my laughter and my sanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My family away from home– there are so many of you. Those that took me under their wing(s) and have made me feel at home in Miami, approximately 1,000 miles away from home. I consider myself so blessed to have you.

I’m grateful for ending up in Miami… without which, eight years later, I wouldn’t be who I am, wouldn’t have met the amazing people I have, or met the man I love. And, also, I love the weather. And the sun, duh.

Being an “aunt” makes me feel so blessed. Watching my friends babies grow up, even if via FaceTime, is truly special. And they are all so dang cute (I may be biased, but they are).

I’m grateful for my health. For being able to work out again and healing from my old lady hips. I’m grateful for the doctors that helped, my physical therapist, trainers, and all types of holistic healers. For being able to work out, and actually doing it, even when I don’t feel like it. And for giving myself a break when I don’t.

I’m grateful for having a job I enjoy, in which I interact with people all day long. I’m also grateful for peace and quiet. I cherish this and have to remind myself to do so even more as I know it will be long gone once I’m a parent.

I’m grateful for my angels, both in heaven and on earth, looking out for me. I’m grateful for dark chocolate and red wine. For an apartment view that still catches me off guard. For being able to break it down at a wedding or in my bathroom mirror like the cool white girl that I am.

I’m grateful to be alive, to experience the ups and downs of this crazy life. To have done so being supported every step of the way. If you’re reading this, you’ve been a part of that. Thank you.



  1. cindy

    That was an awful great list to be grateful for????????????????
    May your life be always blessed with happiness, love and health!
    Love you Campana!

  2. cindy

    The ???????? were supposed to be little monkey faces. I guess is not compatible….

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